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Another long day of sorting out arguments and soothing flared tempers, playing translator, writing up reports and transmitting them back to the Council, and all the dozens of little yellow-tape things -- all of that was done, thankfully, and Tahiri finally had a chance to get some alone time.

It wasn't that she didn't enjoy the work; it was rewarding, if occasionally tedious, and out of all the post-war rebuilding efforts in the galaxy this was the one she was best suited to, so she wouldn't complain. It was just tiring in a way she wasn't used to.

She retreated into the jungle, toward a quiet spot near her cliff-built dwelling but sufficiently secluded from any passers-by who might have a reflexive bad reaction to technology (they were still working on the "abomination" thing, and it would be a long process), and pulled out her datapad to page through some of the HoloNet news.

From there, she patched into the Fandom alumni network, managed to pick up on some television broadcasts, and . . .

"Sithspit, is that Hope Solo dancing!?"

Not a surprise at all that ten minutes later she was patching her comlink through the network to use up her twelve votes for the week, right? It was sort of like supporting family! If you squinted, while hanging upside down in zero-G, and . . .

Oh, who was around to comment on it, anyway?

[OOC: I HAD TO, OKAY. I HAD TO. But open if you want, hee.]
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