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Really, Tahiri could have been annoyed that all her evacuation efforts had ended up being for nothing in the end, but she was too grateful to have everyone back to focus on that. (Maybe later, once she'd slept off the exhaustion, there'd be a little room for that.)

Not helping with the exhaustion was the sudden rush of sensing everyone through the Force again, where a week ago that sensation had been dwindling rapidly. That part she didn't mind, though; that just reinforced the sense that everything was right again -- plus she could draw on that to keep herself on her feet just a little while longer.

She got back to her little cliff dwelling after conferring with Sekot and some of the local village leaders, took a nice long bath to deal with the fact that she felt unpleasantly like the inside of a sandcrawler, then curled up on her bed with her datapad and comlink to check messages on both. Jaina's voicemail, now that she finally had a chance to listen to it, made her laugh -- and send a quick text message back to her and Ben.

I knew you'd fix this. Thanks.

Firekeeper and her other friends should get messages too, she thought, half-drifting out of consciousness, but even drawing on the Force she was too tired to manage more words than she just had. Maybe after a nap . . .

[OOC: Oh god finally I get a chance to get back online. Open for calls with the usual daytime SP disclaimer, and feel free to assume handwavey messages of back-ness by, like, Monday evening gametime.]
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