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All her things were packed; her room had been restored to its original state, her X-Wing was prepped, and her blaster, gaderffii, and lightsaber cleared out of the weapons locker. Tahiri didn't own that much, and everything non-essential that she'd accumulated over the last three years had been shipped out ahead of her. The rest was stowed safely in her X-Wing in the junkyard, and her lightsaber clipped to her belt.

She wasn't one to leave without saying goodbye, though, and she'd made sure to send messages to let them know she was headed out, that she'd love to see them one more time before she left, and if not then she'd keep in touch and try to come back for a visit as soon as she could -- and, most importantly, that she cared about them all. That was something she'd never leave unsaid again.

But now all of the preparations were done and there were still a few hours to go before Tahiri absolutely had to leave, and she made her way out to the patch of beach where she'd spent so much time. (It was always the same, and yet different, as was the nature of sand, and there was something fitting about that. Tahiri supposed she could puzzle out the philosophy of it all on the trip home.) There would be beaches on Zonama Sekot, she was sure, but none of them held the memories, painful and happy and everything in between, of this one.

Walking a couple of feet out into the surf, she stood and let the waves wash over her feet, closed her eyes, and opened herself to the Force to really just feel Fandom one more time.

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It wasn't some visitor come strolling up the beach, no. But Ender knew what day it was back in Fandom, and what would be happening. He didn't know if Tahiri had left yet, but either way, she probably deserved a call.

And so her phone might have been ringing.

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"It was a gamble," Ender admitted, smiling, too. "I knew it was going to be sometime this week. Blame serendipity, though."

He tapped his foot against the floor where he sat. "All packed?"

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"That's just as much a part of the place, though," Ender pointed out. The smile was audible in his voice. "But as I've been trying to explain to someone," Karla, "recently, that's the high school experience, I think. You learn, you change, and then you leave."

Date: 2011-08-26 08:08 pm (UTC)
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Ender exhaled. "Has Ben told you yet?" he asked. "We appear to have been exiled from our exile."

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Raven had had a long conversation with Tahiri only a few days before, but she wasn't about to let her leave without seeing her again. Fortunately she could use her gifts to track her friend down on the beach. She teleported a short distance away and began to walk across the sand.

"Hello, Tahiri," she called out. "I am sorry to see you go."

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"I understand," Raven said. She sighed as she looked out across the water. "I do not like this time of year, when friends must leave. I hope you will not disappear like some have."

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"I am glad to hear you say that," Raven said, managing a smile. "I know time moves different between many of our worlds" -- Azar knew that caused her some small amount of distress about Jono's world -- "and that you will have responsibilities you cannot ignore, but I hope to see you return for Homecoming and other special events."

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"Karla has grown quite skilled at telling me not to do so," Raven said, squeezing Tahiri's hands and sending her a gentle pulse of affection, though tinted with sorrow at her leaving. "But I do not believe she would ever turn down assistance in such matters."

Date: 2011-08-26 11:20 pm (UTC)
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Leia had gotten Tahiri's message while making the preparation for her own leave-taking, which was terribly convenient since she wanted to see Tahiri anyway. She headed down to the beach to find her that afternoon.

"Ready to go?" she asked. She was eager herself, but reluctant as well.

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"I have a future to live up to," Leia said with a tiny smile of her own. "I can't do that from here."

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"I'm still not too sure Jaina's ever going to exist in my world," Leia said. "I don't like her father. At all."


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"What about other future choices?" Leia said. "Good places for rebel bases?"

Look, she had to ask. She didn't know when she'd have a chance to try to dig up more information in the future.

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Firekeeper- or Blind Seer for that matter- weren't really all that sentimental, but Tahiri was pack as far as they were concerned, and so it wouldn't be right to not see her off.

So they sidled up to Tahiri, not speaking just yet, just standing by her side.

Date: 2011-08-29 04:46 pm (UTC)
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Firekeeper's lips curled up in a small smile as she curled her toes in the wet sand to steady herself at the nudge. Blind Seer gently nipped at Tahiri's hand on her other side, his own version of a greeting. "I want to see your world sometime," she said plainly.

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