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Tahiri didn't get a chance to visit Fandom as often as she liked. Some days, when life among the colonists on Zonama Sekot got too contentious, she wished she could just book a portal and head out for a few days, but her sense of duty was too strong for her to ever really give in to the impulse. Not today, though; the pull she felt in the Force was too strong to ignore. The second her express portal to Fandom let her out at the end of the causeway she felt a familiar -- despite having been absent from her life for six years -- presence in the Force burning with urgency, and every nerve ending in her body turned to ice when she realized: she knew exactly what had brought her here.

It was still second nature -- it wasn't fair that it was still second nature, but there it was, and she followed that Force presence, the one that resonated with hers in a way no one else's ever would, to the junkyard.
She watched silently for a moment as Anakin, tousled dark hair and purposeful movements all exactly as she remembered, finished getting Fiver seated in the astromech socket and going over his preflight check, then cleared her throat.

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Anakin had felt Tahiri's presence on the island as soon as she'd arrived. It wasn't the same Tahiri, granted; her Force presence was older, more sober, tempered by whatever had happened in years he had yet to experience, but he would know her anywhere.

"Hi," he answered, turning around, and she wasn't his Tahiri but regardless, a smile broke out across his face as soon as he saw her. "What are you doing here?"
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"Same old Tahiri," Anakin broke in with a laugh. "Still lecturing me, huh?"

Really, he'd gotten one from Jaina a little while ago, but with Tahiri it was different, somehow.

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"Home. Eclipse, actually," Anakin explained, earnest and serious and never looking away from her for a moment. "We may have a way to deal with the voxyn threat now."

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"I have to be," Anakin answered. "You understand that, don't you?"

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"You try," Anakin pointed out. "You're always the first one to tell me when you think I'm being dumb."

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"Thanks for the vote of confidence," he said, quiet and genuine, and before he realized what he was doing he darted forward to hug her. "I love you, you know that?"

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Anakin's grin turned self-conscious. "You mean --"

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He nodded. "That's what Jaina said, more or less."

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"Uh huh." Anakin looked at her for a moment longer and realized that yes, he really wanted to get home and see his Tahiri. "So, um."

Date: 2013-07-09 02:10 am (UTC)
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"I will." Anakin hugged her one more time, though, out of relief and exuberance and -- well, a certain case of nerves, too. "Thanks, Tahiri."

Date: 2013-07-09 02:12 am (UTC)
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"And with you," replied Anakin, bolting up into the cockpit of his X-wing as soon as he let go. "See you when I get there, Tahiri." He toggled his canopy shut, fired up his engines, and gave her one last wave before lifting off.


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